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Discovering the Rainbow of Sapphire Colors

Sapphires are not just limited to the iconic blue shade. The world of sapphire hues is vast and captivating, offering a rainbow of colors to choose from. From the rare pink and vibrant yellow to the dynamic green and enigmatic purple, each color brings its own unique charm. Exploring the diverse spectrum of sapphire hues is like uncovering a hidden treasure of natural beauty. 

The Origins of Sapphire Colors

Sapphire colors are a result of different trace elements present in the gemstones. The presence of elements like iron and titanium gives sapphires their blue hues, while the presence of chromium results in pink sapphires. 

Yellow and orange sapphires get their colors from iron and, in some cases, from the presence of additional elements like chromium. The green color of sapphires is usually caused by iron and can be intensified by traces of vanadium. Purple sapphires owe their color to a combination of iron and chromium. The unique combination of these trace elements creates the captivating array of sapphire colors that we see today.

Blue Sapphires

Blue sapphires enchant with their varied spectrum of pastel tones, ranging from the ethereal “Light Blue” or “Sky Blue” to the medium brilliance of “Medium Blue,” affectionately known as “Ceylon Blue” or “Water Blue”.  

  • The delicate violet-blue “Cornflower Blue” captures attention with its saturated hue, while the intense and velvety “Vivid Blue” and the classic deep “Royal Blue” exude timeless magic, with the latter requiring a vivid appearance despite its dark tone for premium quality. 
  • Delve into the fascinating world of “Peacock” blue, reminiscent of the vibrant colors found in the peacock’s feathers, and the sought-after “Velvet Blue“, an almost cobalt gemstone that hails primarily from Kashmir, is still rare in Sri Lanka and Madagascar. 
  • Adding to the complexity, the term “Indigo” brings a unique depth, harkening back to the blue jeans’ color. Found in various locations like Thailand, Madagascar, Australia, and Nigeria, indigo sapphires possess a deep tone and slightly lower saturation. 
  • Twilight” sapphires, resembling the sky’s hue after sunset, emerge from basalt deposits in Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Nigeria, and Vietnam. Cooler and less warm in appearance, these sapphires present a different character, with demand and market value slightly lower due to mixed shades like gray and green. 

Embark on this journey of blue sapphires, where each hue unfolds a unique tale of elegance, rarity, and natural beauty. Click here to SHOP the Blue Sapphire Collection

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Ruby and Pink Sapphires

In the realm of rubies, a fascinating array of color designations exists in the market, each contributing to the allure of these precious gems. 

  • The term “Pinkish-Red” encapsulates a radiant spectrum, emanating from Burmese rubies to those sourced from Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Revered for their warm, bright red hues, Pinkish-Red rubies hold a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts. 
  • Enter the world of “Pigeon’s Blood“, a term commonly associated with the finest ruby colors, even though it represents a very specific color range. Traditionally describing the most exceptional hues, Pigeon’s Blood Red is akin to the brightness of a red traffic light. While this iconic shade is predominantly found in Mogok (Myanmar), it also graces rubies from Mong Hsu (Burma), Vietnam, Mozambique, Tanzania, and beyond. 
  • On the spectrum of red intensity, “Royal Red” emerges as a shade deeper than Pigeon’s Blood, historically known as “Rabbit Blood” in Burma. Originating from locales like Mozambique, Thailand/Cambodia, Kenya, and Madagascar, these rubies exhibit a darker, purer red due to a slightly higher iron content, resulting in reduced fluorescence and enhanced depth. 

This exploration into the world of ruby and pink sapphires unveils the nuanced hues and origins that contribute to the rich tapestry of these exceptional gemstones. Click here to SHOP the Pink Sapphire Collection

Pink and Purple Sapphires

Delve into the captivating world of pink and purple sapphires, where the spectrum of shades seems almost boundless. Calibration becomes a challenge as the human eye perceives pink hues in myriad ways, contributing to the difficulty of exact categorization. The rarity of these sapphires increases with the intensity of their pink or violet hue. 

  • From the delicate “Light Pink” to the rosy charm of “Rosé Pink” and the peachy warmth of “Peach,” often referred to collectively as “Pastel Pink“, these hues reflect the subtlety of nature’s palette. Stepping into more vivid territory, the “Medium Pink” and “Vivid Pink” sapphires showcase intensified shades that capture attention. 
  • Venturing into the realm of “Hot Pink,” reminiscent of an Asian Ruby, these sapphires approach the intensity of rubies but maintain their distinct pink overlays. The interplay of blue and violet wavelengths, a result of chromium’s low iron content, creates a slightly bluer red with vibrant fluorescence. Originating from Himalayan deposits, East Africa, and Sri Lanka, these gems spark intrigue with their unique coloration. 
  • Purple sapphires mirror a similar gradation, from the gentle “Light Purple” to the intensified “Medium Purple” and the striking “Vivid Purple.” The rarest “Deep Purple” shades, reminiscent of intense lilac or “Lavender“, stand out in their profound beauty. “Purplish Pink” and “Pinkish Purple” present captivating mixed colors, popular in the market, and often observed in Sri Lankan occurrences. 
  • The term “Fuchsia“, an intense violet-red leaning towards red, takes inspiration from the fuchsia flower and can be found in gems from Burma, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Vietnam, and Tanzania. The term “Lilac” encompasses a broad range of purples, from pastel lavender to vibrant violet, originating primarily from Sri Lanka, Burma, Tanzania, and Madagascar. 

Embark on this chromatic journey of pink and purple sapphires, where each shade unveils a unique facet of elegance, rarity, and natural beauty.

Yellow Sapphires

Yellow sapphires grace us with their radiant presence, spanning from the delicate “Light Yellow” to the richer tones of “Medium Yellow,” often referred to as the sought-after “Canary Yellow“. The allure intensifies with the golden brilliance of “Vivid Yellow“, also known as “Golden Yellow“, promising a captivating display. 

  • Venturing into deeper hues, the “Yellowish-Orange” variety showcases a dark yellow to orange shade, while the unique term “Mekong Whisky” defines an intense orange-yellow sapphire akin to rich honey, highly coveted in the Thai market and named after the local Mekong Whisky. 
  • Distinct from pure yellow tones, the term “Orange” is assigned to sapphires displaying an intense and bright orange hue. 
  • Meanwhile, the term “Red Sapphire” denotes an orange sapphire with an additional strong red coloration, primarily sourced from East Africa, a fascinating distinction from the world of rubies. 

Join the journey of yellow sapphires, where each shade tells a story of vibrancy, warmth, and timeless beauty.

Green Sapphires

Green sapphires present a captivating variety of hues, similar to their pink counterparts. From light to dark blue and various shades in between, these gemstones exhibit a range of tones. It’s important to note that the green tones of sapphires possess a distinct identity, not to be equated with other green gemstones like emerald, peridot, tsavorite, or green tourmaline. Names such as grass green, olive green, or fir green don’t apply, as sapphires boast their own unique spectrum of green tones. 

  • While the market often simplifies distinctions, common terms include “Light Green” or “Mint Green“, an intense “Vivid Green,” and those in between are referred to as “Medium Green“. 
  • Explore the realm of “Montana sapphires“, a term reserved for silvery-green sapphires with a unique appearance in different lights. Originating from mining regions in the USA, including Yogo Gulch, Rock Creek, and Dry Cottonwood Creek, these sapphires also display variations like pale green to blue-green, light pink, purple, orange, yellow, and pale blue. 
  • Enter the world of “Teal Sapphires“, a special type boasting a green-blue or blue-green combination, drawing inspiration from the vibrant feathers around the eye of the teal bird. Found in basalt deposits in Australia, Ethiopia, Madagascar, and Thailand, teal or turquoise sapphires have gained popularity as a fashionable choice, reflecting the current trend towards all shades of green in sapphire jewelry

Embark on this journey of green sapphires, where each shade embodies the beauty of nature’s palette.

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Fancy Sapphires

A fancy sapphire, a gem-quality corundum showcasing colors beyond traditional red, blue, or colorless varieties, opens a vibrant realm of possibilities. While red corundum earns the name “ruby,” blue is known as “sapphire,” and colorless variations go by “white sapphire” or leucosaphire. Click here to SHOP the Ruby Collection 

Explore the diverse spectrum of fancy sapphires, encompassing enchanting hues like pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, and violet. 

  • Pink Elegance: Delight in the romantic allure of pink sapphires, offering a delicate and charming touch to your jewelry collection. 
  • Orange Vibrance: Embrace the warmth and vibrancy of orange sapphires, adding a bold and energetic flair to your gemstone ensemble. 
  • Yellow Radiance: Illuminate your style with the radiant glow of yellow sapphires, capturing the essence of sunshine and joy. 
  • Green Enchantment: Experience the enchanting world of green sapphires, echoing nature’s lush hues and adding a touch of sophistication. 
  • Purple Majesty: Revel in the majestic allure of purple sapphires, conveying a regal and mysterious charm in every facet. 
  • Violet Intricacy: Discover the intricate beauty of violet sapphires, blending elegance and sophistication in a captivating dance of color. 

In the world of fancy sapphires, there’s a color to suit every taste, making each gemstone a unique expression of individual style and personality. Explore the kaleidoscope of possibilities that fancy sapphires offer, elevating your jewelry collection with a burst of vibrant hues. 

Elba Jewelry Design Center: Gateway to breathtaking Sapphire hues.

The world of sapphires offers a breathtaking array of hues that can captivate any jewelry enthusiast. From the deep blues to the vibrant pinks and yellows, these gemstones offer a spectrum of beauty and elegance. 

At Elba Jewelry Design Center in San Dimas, you can explore this rainbow of sapphire colors and even create your own custom designs to showcase their brilliance. Whether you seek a unique piece or need repairs for your cherished jewelry, Elba Jewelry Design Center provides expert craftsmanship and personalized service. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the enchanting world of sapphires at Elba Jewelry Design Center – where every color tells a story. 


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